Company Culture

By joining HSI, you will become a part of our intellectually rich and vibrant company culture. We provide learning opportunities for all of our employees and encourage everyone to continue to learn. HSI is a company where everyone can succeed and excel. We provide everyone with the opportunity to be heard and noticed, and to make a difference for our customers and for the company. The HSI team includes highly experienced and well-trained human factors professionals, air traffic and airport subject matter experts, computer scientists, and system engineers committed to delivering the highest-quality service to our customers. Our employees have detailed knowledge of human factors principles and air traffic control operations, concepts, equipment, management, and procedures gained through on-site experience and academic achievement. When individuals with such a variety of backgrounds come together, it creates a truly dynamic professional work environment.

MENTORSHIP: We assign a mentor to every new employee to ensure that each new hire feels welcome and has someone to turn to when questions arise. A mentor is usually someone who has been at the company for a longer period. Overall, the environment at HSI encourages open communication and information sharing.

SOCIAL COMMITTEE: HSI's Social Committee organizes events to provide employees with an opportunity to socialize, network, and simply relax a bit and have a good time. Our events have varied from volunteering and helping the community as a team to socializing at a happy hour.

Examples of some of our social events include:

  • Nationals Game Outing
  • Happy Hour
  • St. Patrick's Day Potluck
  • Hands-on DC Work-a-thon
  • Jazz in the Sculpture Garden

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